By law, the State of Maine holds title to all grave lots. The state will, without charge, open and close the grave and furnish perpetual care. Military rank or civilian status will not be given consideration in selection or size of individual graves. All graves will be of equal size and each section will have a uniform type grave marker of flat granite or upright marble. Selection of the plot will be made by the Superintendent of the cemetery, in order that the burial request occur.

burialsEligible next of kin, spouse, will be buried adjacent to the plot of the veteran buried in the cemetery. Eligible dependents may be buried in the same grave as the veteran or adjacent to the burial plot of the veteran without charge. Cremations will be buried in the same plot and/or if in the Columbarium Wall Niches veterans and spouse will go into the same Niche. Persons interested in internment at the Maine Veterans Cemetery should contact Maine Veteran Services at 207-287-3481 for specific information of the most recent rules, laws and procedures. Basic eligibility for burial in a Maine Veterans Cemetery exists if you are an honorably discharged veteran, a twenty year National Guard or Reservist, the spouse of a veteran or the eligible next of kin. It is highly recommended that eligibility be determined as soon as the veteran feels that they would like to be buried in one of the Maine Veterans Cemeteries. Plots are furnished free of charge and interment, headstones and perpetual care are all free for veterans and their dependents.

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